Prevent Septic Tank Pollution With Regular Maintenance

You have so many responsibilities as a homeowner that not only affects your family’s well being, but your entire community and even the environment. If you’re not working with professionals who are properly cleaning and maintaining your septic system, for example, there could end up being serious issues. As long as your septic system is being properly maintained, it should last at least 25 to 30 years, but if not, there can be trouble.

“We recommend pumping them out every four to six years,” said Cindy Wilson, officer manager at A1 Septic Tank Service. “A lot of times people will wait too late to get it pumped out. That happens more often than not.”

Aside from costly repair services that you’ll be responsible for paying, septic issues from your home can lead to horrible environmental problems.

According to The Post and Courier, the pollution resulting from septic misuse and neglect is damaging the earth’s coastal waterways.

“An improperly sited and/or malfunctioning septic tank can be a big source of bacteria pollution,” added Andrew Wunderley, a professional Waterkeeper. “That’s especially true in our coastal areas and tidal creeks where sandy soil, high ground water tables, and nearby waterways severely limit how effectively a septic system can treat wastewater.”

Septic systems are just small aspects of homeownership, but in relation to home safety and pollution prevention, these systems are more important than nearly any part of homeownership.

“Chemical run off, human and pet waste, and other pollutants are dumping into our creeks and rivers,” said Alys Campaigne, a frequent visitor of the Carleston Harbor, which has been significantly polluted due to septic issues. “These are solvable problems. We’re looking forward to digging in with the town and others on this effort.”

Although correcting these pollution problems can be done, they are difficult to accomplish and can be costly for entire towns. Rather than waiting for these problems to gain momentum, you should focus much more on prevention.

If you need professional septic tank plumbing services or septic cleaning assistance, contact Tidy Tank Septic Service today.