Hydro Jetting

Septic Hydro Jetting in McHenry and Lake Counties, IL

Are your drains working much slower than usual? Are you also experiencing several plumbing issues all at once? If so, you could be dealing with a clogged septic system. Fortunately, Tidy Tank Septic Service has the solution you need, and it comes from an unlikely source: pure water.

Professional hydro jetting involves shooting highly-pressurized water into drains, pipes, or drain fields. This water effectively dissolves all kinds of buildup, clogs, and blockages, leaving your system clean and refreshed.

If you’re encountering unexpected plumbing problems in Crystal Lake, IL, or the surrounding areas, our septic jetting services can help. Hydro jetting septic drain fields can address the problem before drain field failure has the chance to occur.

Get in touch with us to learn more about how you can benefit from septic hydro jetting in McHenry & Lake County, IL! We’re proud to serve the surrounding communities as well, including Lake and Cook counties.

We Expertly Hydro Jet Sewer Lines

If you need help unclogging your septic tank drain field pipes, a septic hydro jetting in McHenry & Lake County, IL, may be the convenient, affordable solution you’ve been searching for. The entire process is fast, easy, and doesn’t leave any mess behind. When we hydro jet sewer lines, we also don’t utilize any harmful chemicals, so there won’t be any lingering damage to your pipes unless they have existing cracks or leaks.

Signs Your Septic System Needs Hydro Jetting

Are you unsure if you should schedule septic hydro jetting in McHenry & Lake County, IL? Look out for these three red flags that your septic system is dealing with a blockage:

If your sinks are draining too slowly or you’re struggling to flush your toilets, this can indicate that septic jetting is needed.

Are you noticing unusual sounds coming from your toilets or drains, such as gurgling? If so, this can suggest that your drain field is clogged.
No homeowner wants to experience sewage backing up in their drains. If you’re experiencing this problem, don’t hesitate to contact a septic expert for assistance.

Benefits of Hydro Jetting

There are many advantages to scheduling hydro jetting services with a team of septic system professionals. Learn about a few benefits of hydro jetting below:

With highly-pressurized water, we avoid those harsh and toxic chemicals that most drain cleaners contain. When you schedule septic hydro jetting in McHenry & Lake County, IL, you don’t have to worry about accidentally contaminating lakes or groundwater.
With hydro jetting, your piping can have all the dirt, grime, and debris removed with powerful pressurized water. This means you don’t have to go to extreme measures to clean the piping.
Other pipe cleaning methods are known for being less cost-effective than hydro jetting. This can also yield savings by preventing future problems from coming up.
Hydro jetting provides a greater amount of flexibility in removing the normality of digging up your lawn to get to pipes or opening a hole in your home’s wall.

Schedule your hydro jetting appointment in Crystal Lake or any of the surrounding areas today by calling (847) 920-8943. We also offer free estimates to all customers!

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Clear Out Your Drains With Hydro Jet Plumbing Services!

If you think that professional hydro jetting is just what your septic system needs, turn to Tidy Tank Septic Service. All it takes is one phone call to learn more about our services, get upfront pricing, and schedule an appointment. As your local septic specialists in Crystal Lake, IL, we make sure that our hydro jet plumbing services are always safe, clean, and reliable, delivering the best possible results every time.

Along with hydro jetting septic drain fields, we also specialize in the following areas:

Are you ready to restore your septic system and remove frustrating clogs? Contact us today to schedule septic hydro jetting in McHenry & Lake County, IL. We’re proud to help residents throughout the area with their septic needs, including those in Lake and Cook counties.