5 Surefire Signs Your Septic System Needs Some Repair

A home’s septic tank is responsible for collecting sewage underground. The tank allows for the sewage to decompose naturally; the sewage effluent then drains to the septic system. While it is not always a pleasant topic to talk about, it is crucial that you keep an eye on the functioning of your system in order to prevent a catastrophic mess. One-quarter of homes in the United States uses a septic system, it is crucial you understand how to properly take care of your system. We have created a list of some signs that your septic pumping service is in need of repair.​

  1. Foul smell 
    Follow your nose! If you can smell sewage anywhere around your home, call your septic professional to check for a possible repair. May be as simple as a drain drying out & allowing the sewer gases to come into the house. 
  2. Your grass is growing really fast 
    One of the first signs that your septic service is failing is the increased presence of water in your lawn over the septic system allowing the grass to grow faster  and taller than the rest of the yard .
  3. Your drains are slow
    Do both your sink and bathtub on the main level of the house drain slowly and gurgle in the process? Drainage problems and septic tank issues go hand in hand, so call a professional if your tub and sink are consistently filled with wastewater. May only be due for pumping. The service tech can then advise if there are further issues.
  4. Pooling water
    While it is normal to have some pooling water in your yard after a big storm, a large puddle near your septic system may be a sign your system is overflowing and you are in need of septic system repair.
  5. A sewer backup
    A sewer backup obviously is an indication that something is going on. Typically when you are on a septic system; we start with pumping the tank if it has been some time. However, if your system is older or in a flood plain area with a high water table; it is possible your septic can no longer compete with the ground water.

Notice any of these signs in your home? Chances are you are in need of some septic repair. Call our professionals today for an evaluation!​