Common Signs You Need Septic Tank Pumping Services

How Do You know If You Need Your Septic Tank Pumped?

A home’s septic system is at the very heart of its plumbing capabilities. Without it, the waste water that your household produces wouldn’t have anywhere to go—leaving you with a large mess to frequently clean up.

However, though our septic systems are very good at keeping our waste water out of sight and out of mind, they too occasionally need to be cleaned and maintained. Be on the lookout for these common signs you need septic tank pumping services to know when you should call in the professionals.

Slow or Frequently Clogged Drains

Since your septic tank is connected to the entire network of drains throughout your home, your sinks, showers, and even toilets can exhibit signs of a problem. Oftentimes, a full or blocked septic system will cause your drains to slow and allow water to pool where it was dispensed.

This can be extremely irritating for many home owners and can inhibit their ability to go about their daily routine. Fortunately, septic tank pump-out services can clear these blockages so your drains can run efficiently again.

Sewage Backup

Sewage backups are one of the most dangerous and damaging symptoms of a full septic tank. If left ignored, the smell can even begin to affect your health, and the black, sludge-like material could overflow and cause serious property damage. So if you notice that you’re getting some sewage backup in the lower parts of your home, make sure you get it serviced before the problem spreads to other areas.

Regular Gurgling Noises

If your sinks and toilets are producing a loud gurgling sound, it could be a sign that your septic tank is full and struggling to accept more waste water. It could also mean that you have clogs or potential sewage backup in your drains.

Because there are several possible scenarios for gurgling drains, it’s recommended that you contact your local septic pumping professional to properly diagnose the issue.

Strong and Pungent Odors

Even if you haven’t seen the initial signs of sewage backup, unfortunately, you can still experience the smell. There’s no mistaking the overpowering, sickening odor that comes with a full or blocked septic tank. As such, if you can track the smell back to any of your drains, you should immediately take action to clear it up. Otherwise, you risk negative health effects along with the unpleasant stench.